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At midnight on the 14th trial day they will charge your credit card without authorization $149.00. They never tell you how much this program is.

Everyday you have to read all these *** articles and answer cheese ball emails from your team spirit member but no one takes the time to tell you how much this program cost and the fact its impossible to cancel. They dont even ask you at the end of your 14days do you want to join. Do you like noom. Noom is out here scamming vulnerable people trying to change they life.

They overdrafted my bank account. Luckily I had money to cover it, can you imagine if that was someone else and they were down on there self esteem that could have potentially broke them. There is no possible human contact.

This is just sad... shame on you noom.

User's recommendation: Do not sign up for this service. Just eat right and exercise on your own cause they are not going to help u.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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I too dislike the cheesy articles. They are often childish.

A few have useful information; most are filled with facts I already know.

Why oh Why did I sign up for this? Kicking myself in the rear.

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