I opted for a $5 trial membership and the moment I hit that button they charged my Bank Account $125.10. I immediately tried to contact they to be refunded the obvious mistake.

I could not find a way to contact them. I went to my bank , they suggested I change my bank card number, which it was charged to. The bank then contacted them on my behalf and their answer was that they did not charge my account. The bank provided me with a print out showing proof of the charge and an email to contact them.

I sent them the proof and they admitted fir the first time that they did in fact charge my bank account but that they could not refund me until my bank dropped the claim against them. I explained that the bank has no claim after 60 days and it was now over 60 days that the dispute had been going on. I asked them again to refund my money, to which they answered... nothing could be done until the company chief officers looked at it on April 11.

It seems to me its just one run around after another. I plan to seek out an attorney that does class action suits .

NOOM obviously is a scam....!!! They have probably done this to many people.

User's recommendation: Do not buy from NOOM.

Location: Montgomery, Louisiana

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